Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first Clear Album.....Just the 3 of Us

Ok so I tried out for the clear albums DT! I had never worked with the clear albums before, but I actually enjoy acrylic albums allot! Hey Jodi and Marcie thanks for the encouragement....This is Rusty Pickles clear album that was given to me by Jodi Ethington(God I love that woman! I wish I could get my hands on a Midnight oil one to play with...hey MARCIE!! Lol I really have learned allot about myself and what I could accomplish! SOOOO without further Ado' maybe about is the Clear album!


Marcie said...

You rocked your first clear album girl! Love it!

Jodi_E said...

It's wonderful Christi. Glad you had some clear fun with it.