Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess What.....

I made a new design Team......
Without further ado, here is the list of designers who will be part of the Clear Albums Design Team:

* La Tonya Boike
* Jodi Ethington
* Mel Nunn
* Cathy Schellenberg
* Amy Solovay
* Christi Wright
I think Clear Albums is such a huge team of fabulous designers! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Check out Clear Alums and what they have to offer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Check out this layout I did last week......

Besides that I've been busy getting final things accomplished before kids start back to school on the 25th! They just got back from their daddy's on Monday@! Tomorrow is open house to meet their new teachers! Wow is it school time already! Oh well so I'm not scrapping as much as I was this summer! While I'm waiting for Fancy Pants to decide who they are putting on their team, I've been organizing my house...nothing like cleaning to get the anxiety out! This is not a Fancy Pants Layout but I love it just the same. These papers that I used just spoke to me! When I'm finished with the some of the layouts of Mollie and Mac I'll put those up as well! BTW I won a Mushroom mini album at Serendipity Scrapbooks last night while they has a chat going on with Ali Edwards. I'm pretty excited about her new book coming out! It is all about Mini Albums! I got to know her a little better and on her style and I found out that she tells a story too when she scrapbooks, like me! I'm feel like I connect with her allot because of Simon, who has Autism like my son, Noah!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Memories from the attic catch up

Tuesday the ll day layout challenge started basically this challenge is to do one layout in 11 days! So you have a challenge a day!
Challenge #1 Pick out your pictures( Mine are about 6 wallet photos of Noah-My son- OT appointment on July 31st) Now with this challenge depending on how many photos you chose you must use 2 of every 6 you pick out!
Challenge #2 Pick out your Patterned Paper- You need to pick out 3 patterned papers from those pictures and they all must be used on the layout! Now mine are double sided so I could use the back if I would like!

Now everyone is caught up! I would love to see y'all at the attic to go along with the challenge. I'm a pretty fast scrapper so this is pure craziness for me! This is definitely a challenge for me! Who would have thought it would take 11 days for a layout but it's fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can't believe I won......

Ok when I was finished with this layout...I said I don't think I like it! Marcie kept reminding me to do it so at the last minute I did it and Then the next day I freaked when I saw congrats from Mollie and Mac . So here is the layout I hope y'all will go and check them out they are a great new manufacturer!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Check out Memories From the Attic

I design for Memories from the Attic and they are having a fun event called design a day! You still have time till 8 a.m., I would think it would be PST but hey I'm not sure it was not specified, to finish the first challenge and it is very easy!
Here is more info on the 11 days of fun!! Here is Challenge one
Have a great night y'all!


Wendy Sue Anderson! I love Making Memories and the last couple of years they have had several great products! Check out the Making Memories Blog !
This is a picture that I got off the Making Memories Blog! I like giving Birthday Cards! So Happy Birthday Wendy Sue!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I did It!!! My Fancy Pants Submission

I decided to submit to Fancy Pants! I was lacking on the mojo yesterday and I needed to finish a layout! I started around 5p.m. on the last layout! I kept asking myself could I get used to the let down?! Well Something in my gut( maybe intuition) told me to apply.I did finally apply and got the email to go through this morning! So here are all of my submissions! With a mini album that I decided not to send...but I believe It wasn't what I wanted to put out there! So here you go Fancy Pants Designs entry....this is very old product b/c Remember I was out for a while with the whole separation deal with hubby....

Monday, August 4, 2008

No longer a puppet.....

I was typically only going to speak about scrapbooking stuff on this blog...I'm a writer though and sometimes the best medicine for me is to write about things that matter. My ex whom I wont name has trouble with controlling other people to his own benefit! I have trouble with letting him do it! Everything that I have ever done wrong consumes me to the point of worry! I've officially contacted a lawyer today! Why? It seems as though I'm getting tired of being a puppet for someone where they are holding the strings. When God chose marriage it was not suppose to be threatening or controlling. He may never agree what he was doing in our marriage was emotionally abusive but that is not for him to decide for me. The law sees it differently.Just like he is trying to control the mediation process. What I'm about to say to him is this I am a good mother, Yes the house was messy, but guess what You didn't bother to help me you just complained...I was never taught....You could have helped me to learn. I was depressed but not by any disorder....maybe post par dome depression that I tried to hide from you, I tried to make our marriage just would not go to counseling. Our Marriage was all about you...and To some degree it still is about you. Except we have 2 completely beautiful children who needed their dad to also make it work! His daughter needed to see him fight for me and love me...instead she only sees the negative about men and is trying to please every person that is around her including her dad- out of fear that he wont love her. My son needed to see that anger wasn't the way to go, he needed to see the proper way to treat his wife....instead he still sees me as his personal servant because that was all I was to him! They both needed to see this marriage work because that was their lifeline. We both screwed that up! Was being right worth a broken family? That is the question I pose to him! I just want this part of my life to be over....I want someone who can love me and I can heal from all this negativity! Long story short .....Give me the Divorce, already! At least do that for your girlfriend!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first Clear Album.....Just the 3 of Us

Ok so I tried out for the clear albums DT! I had never worked with the clear albums before, but I actually enjoy acrylic albums allot! Hey Jodi and Marcie thanks for the encouragement....This is Rusty Pickles clear album that was given to me by Jodi Ethington(God I love that woman! I wish I could get my hands on a Midnight oil one to play with...hey MARCIE!! Lol I really have learned allot about myself and what I could accomplish! SOOOO without further Ado' maybe about is the Clear album!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I was thinking......

Yesterday when the American Crafts DT was announced...why not me? All the ladies are very talented! Allot of them you see there names everywhere! They are fabulous scrapbookers! I feel like my work is good! I have always wondered why I try for things knowing full well that I won't get it...because I'm not published in major magazines...why? I submit....but I don't have a there you go's like a never ending cycle! I didn't do this just to get published or to be on a 1,000 different design teams! I started scrapbooking to write! There seems to be not one place that loves my scrapbooking work..... I Make cards..but I feel as though I'm a scrapbook artist.....That is what I love! I have been wondering over the last couple of days what are truly my passions out of scrapbooking....They are writing and singing! To go further back....Even though i have a great voice....My sister was the singer in the there was no room for me to do it.....I don't even think it was a competition between me and my sister....I think my family wanted me as something different. In private I sang, I wrote and I make every scrapbook page a piece of art for me. I don't feel like that this avenue is something that i can accomplish! I feel like everything lately I put on paper or try to accomplish doesn't seem to work out! I'm not giving up I'm just rethinking everything that I'm doing!I'm wondering what happened to that woman who everybody wanted and wanted to be with. I'm not sure I'll ever get that back....I'm in a depressed mood today...not because of the scrapbooking but when I feel this way I don't have someone to hold me when I get like this....I have friends but Most have their lives and listen when they can but I just need a hug some days! I'm just rambling and I shouldn't do this! So here is some work that I'll probably send to Fancy Pants! The layout I did for So tell me your story blog! I'm proud of this work! What do you think!