Saturday, August 2, 2008

I was thinking......

Yesterday when the American Crafts DT was announced...why not me? All the ladies are very talented! Allot of them you see there names everywhere! They are fabulous scrapbookers! I feel like my work is good! I have always wondered why I try for things knowing full well that I won't get it...because I'm not published in major magazines...why? I submit....but I don't have a there you go's like a never ending cycle! I didn't do this just to get published or to be on a 1,000 different design teams! I started scrapbooking to write! There seems to be not one place that loves my scrapbooking work..... I Make cards..but I feel as though I'm a scrapbook artist.....That is what I love! I have been wondering over the last couple of days what are truly my passions out of scrapbooking....They are writing and singing! To go further back....Even though i have a great voice....My sister was the singer in the there was no room for me to do it.....I don't even think it was a competition between me and my sister....I think my family wanted me as something different. In private I sang, I wrote and I make every scrapbook page a piece of art for me. I don't feel like that this avenue is something that i can accomplish! I feel like everything lately I put on paper or try to accomplish doesn't seem to work out! I'm not giving up I'm just rethinking everything that I'm doing!I'm wondering what happened to that woman who everybody wanted and wanted to be with. I'm not sure I'll ever get that back....I'm in a depressed mood today...not because of the scrapbooking but when I feel this way I don't have someone to hold me when I get like this....I have friends but Most have their lives and listen when they can but I just need a hug some days! I'm just rambling and I shouldn't do this! So here is some work that I'll probably send to Fancy Pants! The layout I did for So tell me your story blog! I'm proud of this work! What do you think!


Certified Scrapaholic said...

Here is a great BIG HUG for you girl! Sorry about the DT, you know that I know how you feel when you are not chosen.
I recently decided to stop worrying about submitting. And it is funny that since I did that, I have been more creative than I have in a long time and having fun again.
Share your work in other places, where it is much more appreciated. Find smaller companies to do design work for then work your way up slowly but have fun.
I have found that since I stopped trying so hard things have come my way out of the blue.

You do great work,dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise, cuz in my world YOU ROCK!

Sassy Sasha said...

HOLY MOLY you need to go and read my post about CANCELLATION NOTICE .. and I SO GET WHAT YOU MEAN girl .. wow .. LOVED YOUR LO's .. and you know what .. your time is coming boo bear, just keep doing this for fun .. man I am so sorry to read this .. I totally feel you .. man .. glad to see that someone else KEEPS IT REAL on their blog ..