Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Dad has saw the light.......

In the scrapbooking industry! I love the fact that my dad is also a writer and he gives me a great deal of inspiration just in the simple things! He appreciates my writing! My dad sorta laughs at me because I try my hardest to be absolutely grammatically correct but it was never one of my strong suits in school; just the literature part of English mostly enthralled me! My dad said that if I ever wrote a book that I would have to give the editor a larger piece of the "pie" because of all the work he would have to do to get it ready for sale! I guess you could say that my dad has always been supportive on the writing end and partially on the scrapbooking end- I don't think he got it, really! He is an amateur photographer like myself and he appreciate my need for and SLR camera,lol, he says the best out there is the Cannon XTI, He says you get what you pay for....I need to get paid more ...lol. Now back to the reason I'm writing this blog entry a couple days b-4 Christmas he asked me what I needed- like I really needed scrap supplies- but I told him any scrapbook supply from Hobby Lobby. Apparently, he checked out the die cutting machines and told me that I needed one because they were cool. He said i got you the GC but you should see what these die cutting machines can do....I was ROTFLMAO.....i was thinking finally a man who gets it! Here is a published layout that I did of my father for "Fathers Day"! I also told him the AWESOME news that I made the Gauche Alchemy guest designer for this upcoming July 09' They so ROCK!!!!!!!!!


Jenni said...

I think its about time!

Amy Wing said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Christi!

It's so great when we get some appreciation (or even, dare I say it? Envy?) from the people in our lives who generally look quizzically at our creative spaces and work.

My hubby recently ASKED me to make a sign for the girls that says "Please wash your hands." He seemed interested in my Cricut for getting the job done - and actually seemed kind of scared of it! Haha! And a couple of months ago, he actually USED my sewing machine to make some simple beanbags! I never thought I'd see THAT!