Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Change Is Gonna Come

A conversation between me and my son, Noah, who has Autism!

Noah: *****Sobbing***** I Hate School
Me: What is the Matter Noah?
Noah: The principal wants me to sit down,
stop cussing, and keep my hands to myself.
Me: Well those are not good things Noah
Noah: I know it, but I can't take it! I don't
want to hear people it hurts my head.
Noah: I don't know I want to be a car rider.
Me: How about we change to the special bus?
they wont talk much on that bus.
Noah: I hate the big bus people make fun of me!
Me: I'm sorry baby! Kids don't understand you like
mommy does!
Noah: I only have 1 friend!
Me: Awesome, Who is that?
Noah: You, Mommy!
Me: ******tears falling from my face******
I'm sooo sorry! I love you!

Change is going to come! It has to for him! Why add this to my blog?
There are parents and children out there who need to read this and explain to their children that one little negative, nasty "he is weird" comment can change a child's impression of themselves and how they view the world! My son can't help that he has Autism but it is our responsibility as citizens of this wonderful world to never make him feel alone and that his mommy is his only friend!


Leigh said...

Thanks for sharing! I teach high school and I see on a daily basis how cruel kids can be to each other. Your son looks so young it is a shame that it begins at such an early age. I will be htinking of you!

Croppycatter said...

((hugs)) to both of you!!

StaceyM said...

Aww, I would be crying to when he told me that I was his one friend. That is so sweet and so sad at the same time. At that age, ignorance is bliss. Have you ever been to his school to talk with his classmates? When the children understand the situation and what they can do to help then they tend to be much more forgiving. Might be worth a try. Hugs to you both.

Karen Reichel said...

Sorry to hear that! It is hard to deal with other kids when you are a typically developing child and has got to be way harder on a kid with Autism.

Pamela said...

So sorry that he has to go through that...and it must just break your heart. I can't imagine. I try to teach my kids to be nice to everyone. I wish more people would speak up when people are being mean (teachers, parents...other kids). Hope things get better for you guys!

Stacey said...

I am so sorry for your little guy - kids can be so creul but maybe if they understood a little they would change the way they see him. Hopefully see him like you do. I do hope it gets better for him and that he finds friends and enjoys school!

Sara said...

I am an ABA Home Therapist and can understand a little of what is going on. It is hard when all the "typical-mainstream children" are unaware of Autism. You are a great Mom and things will get better!

Best of luck!


wendy said...

I'm sure these things are difficult to go through. He seems like such a sweet child!! *HUGS*

Beth said...

i am so sorry that school is a bad experience for him. thanks for the reminder to talk to my kids about how to treat others and how much words can hurt.